Stephan is a software architect, husband and father of three and his depth of experience in each domain follows the same ordering. The Friedl family lives and plays in Frederick, CO which is north of Denver and east of Boulder.

Stephan Works for Cisco Systems in the Boulder, CO office. The content of this blog and opinions expressed herein are entirely Stephan’s and should not be construed as reflecting Cisco’s corporate position on anything whatsoever.

1 thought on “About

  1. Anton

    Hello Stephan

    I tried to use Cork library. And there are some crashes in my tests. I think meshes are too complicated.

    There are such error message in code : “cork/mesh/mesh.isct.tpp, line #1063: Ran out of tries to perturb the mesh”

    Could you say me, how to fix this problem? I tried to connect with Gilbert, but he did not answered

    Thank you



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